Engine and Modifications

This is the engine that is in this car as it looked in May of '01. Last winter I pulled the head and had a simple valve job done with all stock valves. the cylinders looked good so I put on a new gasket and put it back together. I took the opportunity to clean the engine compartment a bit and painted the engine with Car Color brand GM color paint from a generic parts store. Also visible in this picture is the Alloy rocker cover with the quick flip oil cap, an Accel high current sport coil, water overflow tank on the firewall, and the oil tubing for the remote oil filter (into the frame by the distributor).

Here is one possible cofiguration planned for my car.

Dominating the shot are the three Weber DCOE carbs and the six-branch "works" style headers (stainless Steel). I couldn't afford the alloy head that I was thinking about getting, so I ported and polished a stock head, and uprated the springs. Valves are standard though I may go larger and harder later on. The cam is reground to a Schneider cam profile called "2860", has a lift of .425" and durations of 260 degrees for both exhaust and inlet, and is said to be hotter than a BJ8 while still being used comfortably on the street. Engine has been bored .030 over with new flat topped pistons.

This picture shows three HD8 carbs on a later (larger balance tube) tri-carb manifold which has been bored out to fit the 2" throats and polished along with the carbs to a high sheen. It is a MKI 3000 engine that I plan to build up. I may use these carbs as a starting point once I get the engine built 'cause I know how to tune these, then switch to the webers later.

Here's a Bill Bolton lightened flywheel with a Toyota clutch disk. Engine back plate is alloy for weight saving. WIth Toyota transmission and gear reduction starter weight saving in that area will be about 80 lbs!