Other Healeys and shows

Healey appearances in various media:


LIFE Magazine's 1955 coverage of the disaster at Le Mans. This article is shown in its entirety, un-edited, with pictures. It was a very different time for journalism. If you'd rather not see the pictures, click here for a text only version.

I've re-created a full page ad for the 100/6 BN6 model year as a .pdf (Portable Document Format) format. This file was created directly over a scan of the ad to be exactly as appeared. One of the beautiful things about this format is that you can download it and print it very clearly. If you've never used a PDF before, I highly recommend that you visit the Adobe.com website and download your free Reader that will allow you to view PDF's.

If you'd rather just see what it looks like I've got it here as a JPEG: 100sixad.jpg

In the Movies:

See Steve Martin driving a Tri-carb in "Father of the Bride"

See a 100-M racing Pat Boone in "State Fair"

See Herbie (#53 VW) passing a Healey and a spitfire in "Herbie the Love Bug"

See pictures of Walter Cronkite racing a Healey