On the technical side:

I've been asked, and seen many people have difficulty with the oiling of S.U. Carbs, so I made some diagrams showing how they should be oiled for proper operation.

Hardtops for Healeys:

The Austin Healey had as an accesory a rather handsome hardtop. These tops were used by the BMC competition department to run the 100/6 and 3000 cars in the GT classes.

Healey Gearing Chart:

This link is for a Gearing Chart of the factory gearing with speeds per RPM for a 100 SIx plus a matrix showing the speeds per RPM of various combinations of 22 or 28% overdrives and rear end gear sets from 4.11:1 to 3.54:1.

Here is a comprehensive story with pictures from Classic and Sportscar Magazine about the Austin Healey 4000 project near the end of the Big Healey's life.

Period Modifications:

And here is a very cool article I just found in a car mag from 1958!It's a great review of the 100-6 and how well it can be modified to race! There are photos to boot! (really not to be missed) SHOW ME THIS ARTICLE!

Ken Rudd built the "Ruddspeed Healey". Here's a small bit of info and a pic of the engine room.

I was asked on a mailing list to provide some pictures of Healey Works rally cars from the early days, so here is a collage featuring a triple 2" S.U. engine and Pat Moss' "UURRXX" etc. I want to see this JPEG!